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Kevin Young


It's no doubt that Kevin Young, Construction Supervisor for the K&W team, is someone that can say he has truly “done it all”. Growing up in Bonneville, Idaho, Kevin has a long list of experience across many fields; criminal justice, Sheriff’s Department certifications, management of a 5000-acre potato farm and even starting his own business building log residential homes across the state of Idaho. After living abroad in Germany for a few years, he later became the Leader of a Counter-Terrorist team working as a private contractor for the Department of Defense and Energy during the 1980s.


So, what brought him to Kansas you ask? During a Midwest family road trip, they got caught up in a thunderstorm that landed them in Overland Park. After visiting the area, they decided it was somewhere they would love to move.



Kevin started working for the K&W team in 1999 as a laborer. He was quickly promoted to a Foreman due to his strong work ethic and leadership skills, and ran a backhoe crew that worked in downtown Kansas City. Through this experience of underground construction in a constantly busy metropolitan area, Kevin quickly became an expert.  


Later, Kevin was promoted yet again to Job Coordinator, where he worked managing the crews that traveled and installed K&W’s long-haul projects. In doing so, he was able to shadow and learn the engineering and design element to his projects with K&W’s Consulting and Design Supervisor, Scott Plumb. Kevin played a lead role in one of the largest projects for the company; designing and building out a conduit ring spanning Omaha to Dallas. After successfully completing that project, he was given the role of Construction Supervisor in 2017 where he now manages multiple crews for K&W’s largest customers across the Midwest.


There is no doubt that Kevin is an asset to our K&W team, and we would not be where we are today without his commitment to our customers and company. Kevin started at the bottom of the ladder, worked his way up, and knows from experience what it takes to get the job done.  He is a walking success story that all of our employees look up to, knowing the future and career opportunities that lie ahead for all those in the company. Kevin is not only a great people-person, but he is amazing at leading his team to victory. Kevin leads by example, and you can often hear him say “I have never asked my team to do anything that I won’t or haven’t done myself.  There’s a mutual respect between us.”


Over the past 20 years, Kevin has made a huge impact on his customers, his team, and our company as a role model in working hard and doing the right thing. We could not be more thankful for his positive attitude, and drive in continuing to learn something new every day!

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