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Scott Plumb

Consulting & Design Supervisor

Born and raised in Overland Park, Scott Plumb is a Kansas City native. After graduating from Shawnee Mission High School, he completed the Aircraft Pilot and Maintenance program at Johnson County Community College where he received his Aircraft Maintenance Certificate. Growing up, his dream was always to become a pilot in the Air Force, however, he was too tall for the pilot guidelines.

He joined the FAA and was an Air Traffic Controller at the Olathe ARTCC until 1985, when he started doing CATV aerial work for Vision Cable. During this time, he managed aerial crews, climbed poles, built, spliced and activated many miles of coax and fiber optic cable in the KC metro area for 16 years.


In 1996, Vision Cable was acquired by K&W Underground, Inc. Scott joined the K&W team as a job coordinator doing aerial and phone work.

Scott was later tasked with creating a fiber splicing department for the company. This initiative, with Scott’s dedication, was so successful that the K&W team soon grew into the established fiber splicing/ISP department that K&W is known for today.

After supervising the splicing department for 13 years, Scott was yet again asked to lead the initiative to start K&W’s first ever engineering department. This department is where Scott continues to work today where he specializes in fiber and route design, consulting, permitting and complete engineering services for a large majority of K&W’s customers across the Midwest.

Through his 23 years on the K&W team, he has worked with nearly all of our customers, which includes 9 of the 10 top telecommunications providers in the KC metro area. Along the way he has been an integral part of K&W’s pristine reputation of taking care of its customers. Due to Scott’s dedication and loyalty, he now is a representative for one of K&W’s largest customers and manages their projects across multiple cities and states.

Scott’s extensive experience and background with building and making computers, landed him into the company’s IT Network Specialist position, on top of his consulting and design duties. To say he is a busy man would be an understatement.

Scott is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for himself, as well as the K&W team. He sees continued growth and new industry advancements in the company’s future that will better service the needs of our growing customer base. One of Scott’s greatest values is his enjoyment in learning, especially anything relating to technology in our industry. He is a leading force on the K&W executive team. Scott’s innovative mindset keeps him busy finding ways to incorporate today’s fast evolving technologies into our company, to improve the services and performance we provide to our customers. For this reason, Scott is an incredible asset to the K&W team, and we are so thankful for him!


In addition, Scott has recently taught himself to fly drones and thinks there is a place for them in our business. He is fascinated by these technological marvels, and really enjoys flying and photographing with them, which he plans to make this a part of his retirement someday.

In his free time, him and his wife love to travel, view and photograph the beautiful landscapes throughout the country. He has an extraordinary eye, and now publishes his work for the public to buy online at He is also fascinated by all kinds of wood and enjoys making furniture, and beautiful pieces on his lathe and CNC machine. He has two great daughters, and two beautiful grandchildren that he loves to spend his time with, and that he swears keeps him young.

We thank Scott for his commitment and loyalty to our company, team and customers for over 23 years!

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