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Recently K&W was called upon to help with a temporary conduit relocation needed so the city could fix a leaking water main valve in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Mo. This would end up being quite the challenging relocation involving five major telecommunication entities. Oftentimes space limitations dictate the placement of underground facilities in highly congested CBD (central business district) construction. This proved to be evident in this instance where multiple fiber optic filled conduits were placed near a water main valve that had recently begun leaking.

K&W prides itself in having master service agreements with nearly all the telecommunication entities in the Kansas City area and holds high regard to their relationships with each of them. This project would prove to be a perfect match in highlighting those relationships along with K&W’s skilled professional’s knowledge of all the respective networks involved.

Although having the appearance of merely a large bundle of pipes, it is hard for most to understand the vast amount of bandwidth traveling through these conduits involved. That factor alone would in turn make this a very sensitive and high profile endeavor. The plan was to expose these 19 conduits further in each direction to gain flexibility allowing them to be moved to either side of the water valve. Crews worked numerous days in uncovering the 19 conduits, identifying ownership, tracing networks to nearby manholes, “ring cutting” fiber occupied conduits, and ultimately shifting all the conduits to the sides.

Once conduits were shifted, stabilized, and secured out of the way the water department could begin the valve repair. Once the repair was completed K&W crews returned on site and began putting everything back together. This took extreme care utilizing substantial amounts of split pipe and split couplers to ensure the structural integrity was restored to all the respective networks affected by this relocation.

This highlights yet another example of K&W’s ability to offer turnkey solutions in specialty and challenging circumstances. K&W’s sole involvement helped insure that the care and protection of the respective customers was constantly maintained. Furthermore, all construction costs would be shared amongst the five customers making this project a great success for all of those involved.

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