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K&W management is active in underground utility damage prevention and have participated in multiple steering committees with the Kansas Corporation Commission. We are also a regular attendee and participant at the local ULCC coordination meetings.


Our Underground Construction Manager, Todd Gunther, is currently active with the Kansas One Call, Missouri One Call, Kansas Corporation Commission, Power & Communications Contractors Association (PCCA) National Government Affairs Committee.


K&W is the industry leader in non-invasive methods of underground installation through vacuum excavation and directional drilling techniques to help prevent utility damages, protecting workers and the citizens of each community.


K&W construction crews are trained and use the recommended best practices of the National Common Ground Alliance.


K&W utilizes withTuttle, LLC, a third-party safety consulting and management firm to conduct regular safety meetings and trainings, job site visits, as well as post-accident investigations.


K&W has a drug free workplace policy. All employees are required to pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screen as well as random screenings on a regular basis.


K&W drivers are trained and follow the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association.

Our team is trained in the best practices and processes of the following associations and companies:

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