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Greg Pate

fiber services Supervisor

Greg Pate, Fiber Services Supervisor for the K&W team, was 15 years old when he started working as a summer laborer during the early stages of the “cable tv” inception. Graduating from Shawnee Mission North High School, he dove right into what would become a lifelong career. He worked his way up through the various levels of the underground utility industry, while taking advantage of every industry specific continuing education, seminar, specialized training, and workshop opportunity available. After 24 years of doing so, his role had evolved into managing the utilities and infrastructure for residential and commercial land developments. 

When the economy took a turn for the worst in 2009, Greg was one of the many affected by its aftermath. As one door closed another opened and Greg's "whatever it takes"


willingness brought him to K&W starting as a laborer jumping right back in the trenches so to speak. This was a field he knew all too well, with a local company proven to have sustained a long-term test of time. As society pushed through those challenging times, it became clear that the demand for cutting edge, stronger and faster phones, data, tv, and internet can thrive even during the toughest of economic seasons.

During his time on the K&W team, Greg has successfully proven himself through the ranks as a Laborer, Operator, Foreman, Coordinator, Construction Supervisor and is currently the Fiber Services Supervisor overseeing splicing, commercial fiber installs, cable pulling, aerial work, and 24-hour fiber emergency response needs. Aside from Fiber Department operations, Greg continues to grow with the business by helping in different areas wherever needed. Greg has a committed effort to continually analyze and seek solutions to overall operational procedures in effort to maximize efficiencies and make K&W better.

Greg’s energetic leadership and commitment to excellence are a welcomed fit for the constantly changing environment the telecom industry can create. Greg feels very fortunate to be surrounded by some of the greatest professionals in the industry to help continue the 45-year success of K&W for many more years to come.

Starting on the end of a shovel and now helping design, build, and maintain 100-mile fiber networks has made Greg’s experience with K&W the most challenging yet rewarding time of his life. Greg feels extremely blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to grow with such an incredible stronghold in the industry and is excited for the many years to come at K&W!

After 10 years on the K&W team, Greg’s leadership continues to drive change and innovation for our company, and in connecting our communities. We can’t thank him enough for his loyalty, commitment and “whatever it takes” attitude in getting the job done for each and every one of our clients.  

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