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K&W Underground, Inc is proud to announce the newest addition of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) to our service offerings in August 2017. As a leader in the industry for providing utility construction and consulting services in the Midwest, we are a driving force in underground utility damage prevention. With over 44 years of expertise and experience in telecommunications and utility construction, we have developed a formal SUE process that will allow us to better locate, record and report locations of underground facilities. Our engineering department has their own sub centimeter GPS equipment that we use to map and locate our customer's underground facilities. We can also map them for use in the customer's GIS mapping systems.


What is Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)?


Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is an engineering process used during the design phase of construction. Due to the inaccuracy of utility records, this new method is a reliable way to identify the location of buried utilities with numerous advantages including minimizing design adjustments and providing accurate construction cost estimations.


811 Doesn't cover all facilities

Not all facility owners are members of the One Call System.


Keeps your team and the community safe with less risk for damages and injuries.


Leads to lower overall design costs and more accurate bids.


Change orders, utility damages and processing claims can all effect your project timelines.

What is the process of SUE?


A full SUE investigation would include utility records research, on- site identification, marking, photographing, visually verifying and reporting of the exact location, size and depth of all utilities in the project area.  K&W Underground, Inc. offers multiple service options (quality levels) for SUE analysis ranging from records research to full SUE research, identification and reporting- based on your unique project needs.


Will this take the place of locators?


No. As part of our investigation process, our team will work with locators, however, private facilities such as sewer and water lines are not utilities that are normally located. Our team will identify and report on ALL underground utilities- both public and private- to give you the most reliable underground mapping before starting your project. 


Who can benefit from SUE?


SUE can be done for any property owners, government agencies, developers, utility companies and engineering firms. Common uses of SUE include street and roadway design, site development and large scale underground utility projects.


Kansas Underground Utility Locate Requests in 2017
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